What do you think humans feel in the exact moment of death?

In those seconds or minutes of agony,as a personal experience that all of us will have at one moment in time. 
The passing by in the other world it’s a personal experience with no testimony to describe the exact feeling of that moment. 
We all are afraid of that moment that sooner or later will come.The problem is how we are facing that moment. 
There are testimonies of different phenomena that occur when someone dies, like a clock that is stopping at the exact moment of death. 
But why a clock would stop and what is the relation between the person who dies and time! 
Could be a proof of the feeling that he has in the exact moment of death?Could be a message? 
Death may be a discharge body energy so strong that interact with the environment. 
For example, if a person dies at 12, maybe this means that 12,000 years will be in purgatory. 
And why agony?A proof of they way we live here on earth? Maybe you have a better idea of what a person feels in the exact moment of death!


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