Always think about your objective first – then how to achieve it



I have the privilege of working with some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs and business founders every day. But since most of them are real ideas people I do often have the task of them reining back in when we are thinking about our business and marketing planning.

All too often business owners come to me with the objective of “we want some advertising”, “I need some PR”, or “I need some social media / a Facebook page / Twitter feed” [delete as appropriate]. It is my job to get us back to the why. Why do you want to do that and what do you want to achieve from doing this.

If it helps try thinking about what action you want your customer to do or feel, as this will help you land at what you want to achieve. Then once you are clear on what you want to achieve, we can start identifying all the different options available to us to achieve that objective.

Those options might include PR, social media, digital advertising, competitions, offers, partnerships, even paid-for advertising — but only by knowing what you want to achieve for your brand or product can you strategically review and decide on the most effective and cost efficient way to achieve what you want to do.


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