Brand Launch Strategies

Companies must conduct marketing activities that will reach their target audience and build brand awareness among potential customers when launching a new brand. Effective brand launch strategies include a variety of tactics that promote the brand and drive sales. Schedule elements of an integrated brand launch to occur at specific intervals to increase the reach and frequency of a brand’s message.

Online Promotions

  • The Internet is part of any successful multifaceted brand launch campaign. Its global reach, flexibility and convenience make the Internet a great addition to any marketing strategy. Social media marketing, blog interactions, website advertisements, search engine marketing, webcasts and other types of viral marketing enable a brand to reach exponentially more customers than through other forms of media alone. Begin online promotional activities months prior to the launch to build advance “buzz” for the brand and raise awareness.


  • To have a successful launch, a company must get the word out about its product. Advertising is an essential way to communicate a brand’s message to its customers. Campaigns can appear in print media, on television or on the radio. Effective methods of advertising depend upon the product being launched and its target consumer. Online advertising works well to advertise some products, while in-store advertising proves more effective for others.


  • Build a brand by providing customers an opportunity to try your product for free or for a dramatically reduced price. By encouraging trials, you increase the chances that customers will become regular users of the product. Coupons can be printed in ads, strategically placed online or mailed directly to a target audience.

Product Placement

  • Not every company can afford to retain a high-profile celebrity to promote its brand. Some pay for product placement in movies and on television, while others send complimentary products to stars and key industry figures in the hopes that consumers will demand these products from retailers accordingly.

Media Events

  • Media events make an impact unlike any other advertising method. Use an event tie-in, such as a celebrity chef performing a cooking demonstration with the new product, to introduce your brand to the market. Special events at retail outlets, or where the brand or product is relevant, will help build awareness among demographically desirable customers. Celebrity appearances, product demonstrations, book signings and other related events can all contribute to a successful brand launch. Industry trade shows are also ideal opportunities for new product marketing in front of a targeted audience.

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