Silly Blonde Jokes 
Three blondes were stuck in the elevator taking turns to shout “Help, Help”. One of them had an idea:
What if we’d all shout simultaneously?
And then they started taking turns to shout “Simultaneously, Simultaneously!”

Psychologists put blonde women to the test to prove that they are not stupid! They gathered all of them in a classroom and asked:
What is 1+1?
The first one answered 5, and the rest of them started shouting “Give us another chance!”. They asked another one the same question, and this one answered 2. The rest of them started shouting “One more chance, please!”

Why do Blondes have a wonderful singing voice? An empty head enhances them with better acoustics.

Funny Blonde Jokes 
Two blondes, a smart one and a dumb one, are standing on the edge of a cliff wanting to jump off at the same time. The question is which of them is going to land first? The dumb blonde because smart blondes are extinct.

Honey, said a blonde to her lover, a friend told me a very good joke today. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of the bed!

A blonde keeps running back and forth on his driveway checking his mail. One day her confused older neighbor asks her why is she doing that so often and the blonde replies: “I don’t understand what’s going on but my computer keeps telling that I’ve got mail!?”

A woman goes to a plastic surgeon one day after an accident:

Doctor, I’ve lost my ears in a terrible accident a month back, could you please attach others?
Sure, I have right now the possibility to attach ones from a blonde woman. Is that alright?

Yes, they’re only ears after all.

Two weeks after the surgery the woman comes back.

What’s wrong miss, can’t you hear?

I hear perfectly, but I don’t understand anything!


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