Iran 2012

Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to produce two nuclear weapons, which it could have prepared and ready for delivery as early as 2012,  …Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to produce two nuclear weapons, which it could have prepared and ready for delivery as early as 2012

The Israeli military intelligence service possesses information indicating that Iran will be capable of building the first nuclear warhead by 2012

Iran plans to increase gasoline production capacity by more than 50 percent by 2012, a senior official was quoted as saying, in comments coinciding with talk of possible Western sanctions targeting its fuel imports. Iran, the world’s fifth-largest crude oil exporter, lacks sufficient refining capacity to meet its domestic fuel needs and has to import up to 40 percent of its gasoline requirements. The United States and its European allies are exploring ways of targeting fuel imports into Iran if itcontinues to press on with its nuclear programme

currently Iran ranks first in making investment in refinery and ranks second in refinery after Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s current refining capacity stands at 2,100,000 barrels a day while the figure for Iran will reach 3,300,000 barrels a day by 2012, he said, noting that this is while the former’s capacity is to hit three million barrels a day by 2015

Iran’s crude oil refining capacity is predicted to reach 3.2 million barrels per day (b/d) from its current 1.7 million barrels by 2012

Iran’s economically and politically costly petrol imports should end in 2012 when refinery upgrades will make the nation an exporter of the motor fuel, an energy consultant said. Iran is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, but lacks the refining capacity for domestic needs, forcing it to import large amounts of gasoline and burdening its finances. The imports also make Iran vulnerable to pressure over its nuclear programme

Iran can produce a total of 50 tons of caviar in five-years through a program based on new technology of farming sturgeon, official says … Abbassali Motallebi noted that since Iran’s caviar reserves decline every year, Iran is trying to establish a gene bank for caviar fish in order to make use of the genetic potential available to prevent extinction of the caviar fish

 Building of the pipeline, estimated to cost between 7.2 and 7.4 billion will begin in 2008. If things go according to plan, it will start delivering gas in 2012

gas transfer via a pipeline passing through Turkey


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