Remember This

A sad and twisted thought
Came upon my mind
Something so sadistic
That should be left behind

I thought about those
Who have died so soon
And what I was doing
When they met their doom

And I thought about myself
About my blood and my tears
Living with nothing but pain
And my tormented fears

And I noticed something
That just didn’t seem right
Something to make you cry
And shiver in the night

Every time you smile
Another child cries
Every time you’re happy
Another person dies

When every thing’s going right
And it’s the best day of your life
Someone out there has had enough
And is picking up that knife

Every time you have someone
Another person is alone
Every time you feel loved
Another child is on their own

When your parents are hugging you
And showering you with kisses
Some child out there is being beaten
By parents who are making death wishes

Every time you see the light
Another child only sees the dark
Every time you are healthy
Another person is cutting a fresh mark

So remember this next time
You have a good day
Another someone out there
Is dieing in some way


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