Strange Nightmare

Trapped in a dark world,
Seeking the truth,
Waiting for the moment,
Till’ all dreams come true…

Seeking revenge,
Planning to lose,
But never giving up,
Till’ the pain gets to you…

Anger and sadness,
Laughter and madness,
Living in darkness,
Waiting for lightness…

Love and affection,
Thought of them once,
Seduction and creation,
A dangerous dance…

Negative feelings,
A bizarre thought,
Strange dwellings,
I once had sought…

Roses turn red,
Blood sheds through them,
I lay in my bed,
And try to forget…

Cant get to sleep,
With all these weird dreams,
Of darkness and fear,
Calling my tears…

Closed my eyes,
And fell in deep holes,
Trying to forget the lies,
My ears hear so close…

Freaky visions,
Of future events,
Weird premonitions,
I want to prevent…

Opened my eyes,
I just cry and stare
Trying to survive,
From the creepy nightmare…
Screaming for help,
Trying to be brave,
Fighting in hell,
But still can’t escape…

Demons, and vampires
Looking right at me,
Stealing my soul,
As they pass by me…

Over and over again,
I pray in my mind,
That all that is happening
Is a lie keeping me blind…

Scared of the presences,
I search for hope,
Of waking up fast,
To be free at last…

I woke up finally,
I could see a light,
I looked at the mirror,
Something’s wrong with my sight…

I remembered something,
That happened before,
Some cruel human being,
I once had feelings for…

Can all these be because of that guy?
The one I�m having nightmares for,
I seem obsessed and to myself lie,
That i want to hate him even more…

I never wanted to feel or be left alone,
So I got hold of his pictures and memories,
And felt like visiting his tombstone,
Even though he caused all these suffering…

A pencil and a paper,
At the graveyard I found,
Wrote a note and later,
Threw it on the ground…
“All of the thoughts,
That come to my mind,
Are the effect,
Of what you left behind”…


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