The Day The Angels Came For You

Today they told me that the angels came for you
But I don’t want to believe it could be true.
They say that now you’re in heaven, far up in the sky
But I can’t stand the thought of saying goodbye

They say you’re watching from the stars that shine down at night
But I know my life without you will never feel right.
They say you are happy now and finally free
But how can I accept that a world without you is meant to be?

They say you will always be with me in my heart
But right now I can’t help but feel so far apart.
They say to treasure all the memories we made
But I fear that one day they might start to fade.

They say one day we will be together again, but until then I need to be strong
But already I’m missing you; it’s been too long.
They say I should dry my tears; you wouldn’t want to see me this way
But it hurts to think of not seeing you every single day.

They say that you know that I loved you in every single way
But I feel like there are so many things I never got to say
They say with time everything will be just fine
But I wish you could just give me a sign

I hope they are right and everything they say is true
Moving on without you is the hardest thing I will ever have to do.
You are a very special person, one of a kind
Someone like you I will never find.

I will remember you with a beautiful smile on your face
Your sense of humor and kind heart I will always embrace
You will be greatly missed, it’s easy to see
You will always mean the world to me.


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