The walls of depression

You built these walls around you
To try to encage yourself
Turning your back on the world
Forever refusing all help

Your fears they surrounded you
Devoured all your soul
Left you broken into pieces
Impossible to be made whole

Your tears they became rivers
Until they drowned your body
And you just let yourself lie
Dying in your own folly

The depression it destroyed you
Left you empty and closed off
Until all memories of us
You simply forgot

Every night I came to your prison
Trying to get you free
Trying to reach you
But you no longer saw me

You closed your mind and body
Let your heart just freeze
Watched me outside the bars
Begging you not to please

I constantly tried and failed
Your empty eyes they watched
It broke my heart to see you
I prayed for it to stop

So I come tonight once again
But not to set you free
I come to say goodbye
But you can’t even hear me

I cry as I watch you
But I have to turn away
Long gone are the days
In your arms I would stay

When I leave you I’m empty
Completely closed myself off
All the pain and memories
Like you I’ve forgot

I create walls around me
To keep everything away
I make my heart go cold
So I no longer feel the old way

I become what you are
What I once did fear
No emotion escapes me
Not even a single tear

I don’t think I’ll ever understand
Just what happened to us
How did two so happy and free
become closed off and unloved?

Now these bars surround us
Behind them we die
They keep in our dark secrets
We recoil inside

They lock all our emotions
Then throw away the key
The world outside aches for us
But the bars don’t let us see

We build them to get away
Thinking there we will rest
But these bars slowly kill us
They’re just cages for the depressed

We’ll rot in these cells we’ve made
We’ll tie up ourselves in chains
Becauce the reason we’re behind these bars
Is because inside we’ve gone insane


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