And how about your products? Most companies have to say no on both accounts and that is a pity, because it is very important to be noteworthy – there is much else customers can notice

You communicate all the time

You are communicating no matter what you do. Even not saying a word is in itself communication. Therefore you may as well make sure that what you are communicating, contains what you want – sending the right message to the right people. But which are the right signals? And who are the right people? These might sound like simple questions, but they are in reality some of the most difficult to answer, because they deal to a large extent with choosing a message with appeal to a small group that is willing and able to spread the message. And what is necessary for a message to have appeal? It first and foremost has to be different and courageous, and this is where most companies miss the bus. Maybe because they have the wrong idea of what marketing actually is.

Marketing is not just communication
In many companies on the industrial market one unfortunately still sees that marketing is considered to be “just” making brochures and advertisements. But that is totally wrong – those are only a small, but very essential part of marketing. Marketing is to a large extent ensuring that all aspects of the business has taken consideration to the market – that the products live up to the expectations of the market, that the distribution channel functions optimally, that the price is right (neither too high, nor too low), etc. Marketing is also much more than a department, it is a way of thinking. If this way of thinking does not filter through the whole company, there is little chance for it to be noteworthy.

Don’t be afraid to choose
If you want to be everything for everyone, you very easily risk to end up being nothing for anyone. Why? Because it is of course not products which are in demand these days, but customers. And if one tries to create a product with broad appeal, there is a high probability that it will end up looking like something that is on the market already. It is therefore important to choose a niche one wants to make a name with. But one should be aware that choosing some things means one decides there are other things one can do without. There are too many people that don’t dare to make that choice and that are why they look like all the other players on the field – especially in regard to what their products looks like. It is a shame and totally unnecessary, because it is exactly the fact that so many play it safe, that makes is so terribly easy to differentiate oneself.

Send a Precise Message
When you have considered the market in everything you undertake and you have had the courage to choose a niche, you have to communicate the message. In this regard it is also important to remember that you do not gain anything by hiding in the shadow of the competitors. Have the courage to do something different. Besides that, you should also remember that the message, of course, is vital in making your products noteworthy. So it is also important that the message is simple and precise. If you can answer the next five questions, you are well on the way:

1. Who is your actual target group?
2. What are the 3 most important arguments for buying your products?
3. What are the 3 most important reasons for using your company as a supplier?
4. Who are your 3 most important competitors?
5. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Find the Significant Customers
Now that the message is in place, you are on your way to success. But there is nothing that sells itself and even if the amount of relevant competitors have been cut down drastically (otherwise you have chosen the wrong niche), there is still a major amount of work to do. Why not get the market to help you? In whatever market you will find four types of customers:

* Innovators
* Fast followers
* The majority
* The latecomers

It is obvious to aim – in the beginning phase – at the innovators, because they are the first to buy new products. But there is another reason to aim at that group – they can spread your happy message for you in a cheaper and more effective and believable way than you are able to. In that way a relatively small company can be successful abroad, even if it at first glance seems to be up against giants in an unfair fight. Remember that”a small clever one is better than a slow big one”.



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