Priest’s Donkey

The parish was very poor and the priest tried everything he could to raise money. But the Bingo games didn’t work, the spaghetti dinners & pancake breakfasts didn’t work, he even tried raffling an old Ford and that didn’t help. So the priest though of trying out horse racing. He went to a horse auction and saw that the good horses were way too expensive for a poor parish, so he settled on a little donkey that was standing in the corner.

he was a man of God, he had faith, and ran the donkey. It came in third. There was a little headline in the Racing Form next morning, PRIEST’S ASS SHOWS.

The next race the donkey won, and the headline read, PRIEST’S ASS OUT IN FRONT.

the bishop of the diocese said that the priest had better stop racing the donkey so the church could avoid bad publicity. The next days headline read BISHOP SCRATCHES PRIEST’S ASS and the bishop was livid! He sent a message to stop racing NOW, get rid of the donkey, didn’t even want the beast at the rectory.

so the priest gave the donkey to the mother superior of the cionvent down the road. The headline read NUN HAS THE BEST ASS IN TOWN and the bishop passed out in his cornflakes.

The nun was so torn up with guilt that she sold the donkey to a farmer just outside town. The headline read NUN SELLS HER ASS FOR TEN DOLLARS. They buried the bishop the next day.


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