Valuable Points to Paid Search Marketing in 2012








For the uninitiated, paid search marketing itself is the online marketing technique of increasing site traffic by buying adverts on Google and other popular search engines. A form of search optimization, other terms for the technique include pay-per-click (PPC) or CPC, due to the way that search engine advertising is sold.


The way that paid search marketing is likely to develop over the next 12 months in a variety of ways.


With the challenging economic conditions set to continue and with the rise of social media optimization, this state of affairs will undoubtedly have an impact on paid search marketing, as both online marketing firms and their clients seek better value and more efficient campaigns. At the heart of this will be a focus on the very best forms of PPC marketing optimization and the accurate tracking of results to ensure that value for money is being had.


Some forms of optimization are doubtlessly going to involve the increased use of paid marketing designed to make the most of mobile devices, such as Smartphone and tablets. Last year was the “Year of the Mobile”, and the phenomenon is only going to gain pace in 2012, with ownership of the devices set to soar. Many experts cite studies which show that mobile and traffic share could rise to more than 20 per cent of searches by the end of next year – that’s a hell of a market share! As a result, online marketing firms are going to need to make their paid search marketing really count when used in conjunction with mobile optimized websites and mobile web apps.


Working alongside the ongoing rise of mobile optimized paid search marketing is the ever-more sophisticated forms of localization among search engines, with Google leading the way as usual and constantly updating its search engine results pages (SERPS) to take note of the locality of the inquirer. Local businesses that wish to take advantage of localization need to ensure that their paid search marketing campaigns make use of local keywords and other recognizable attributes.


Finally, a major marketing phenomenon to watch out for this year – especially for businesses based in London – is the 2012 Olympics, since it is being aggressively policed by advertising regulators who have already threatened to “criminalize” anyone who tries to take direct advantage of the Olympics publicity with the use of logos and catch-lines without being an official sponsor. If you are hoping to mention the Games in your paid search marketing campaigns, be sure to box clever.







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