A Quiet Mind

I live in the symphony of destruction
Singing lullabies to my ears
Wailing violins that fill the rhythm
Leave trinkets for my fears
Dead roses on my window
What sadness they show!
What grief is – do they know?

Resonating, alive
Through the echoes of my conscience
Like ripples in a pond
Where fish come to play
Where old men cry
Where children die

In my home
In sinful silence
Prying open my head
To find answers entwined
Amidst the blood and pain and vein

Wish for sleep in a holy place
Under starry sky and god’s grace
Not heaven, nor Lucifer’s gates
Lies you hear your loved ones say
To keep you blind, to keep them away

Tears of my will
Pouring still
A million faces I may ponder
Riddle me my weakness
Break me asunder
Be done with my death
And the wreaths on my grave

Profane rains calmly wane
Tug cold clouds to distant plains
Scream out wild a thousand names
Drive me mad, not insane

Melancholy that lingers
This boredom summons more
Release me from this flesh prison
In the son of the morning’s light.


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