Darkness has set me free

In the dark of night cries scream my name.
Sounds of Horrors and darkness call to me as if I’m going insane.
Dreams talk to me of the horrors and pain,
letting go releasing me from all pain
into the darkness I fall deeper & deeper.
Losing site of what’s real and reality.
Sucked into this dark world of seduction and desire,
horror and pain free.
Demons,they come to me,calling me,
telling me its time to be free.
Time to come out and no longer hide deep from within-
“come out, come out” they scream to me.

From fire and brimstone, to the depths of dead rotting corpses,
I begin to feel my darkness taking control.
Evil and blood take over me,
as the craving is like I’ve never never felt felt before.
The beating of a heart sounds so delicous to me,
the smell of fear, and adrenaline rush.
The taste of blood in my mouth is so intoxicatingly familiar to me, I can’t get enough.
My hunger my lust for blood has taken over me, my every dream.
The seduction, the fantasies, the evil and darkness have come from me.

The desire is soo very strong, the passionate, the lust for blood.
To become what I was meant to be,
to let loose, and finally be free.
No more hiding, no more being trapped from within.
This darkness has come to light, to see her very own soul –
healing energy and succubus bound,
the taste for blood,as darkness surrounds.
Engulfing my every desire. My sexual energy’s on fire.
Passionate and lustful waiting to be set free,
come along and taste me.
For my energy will set you free.
Come be apart of me, this darkness is so very comforting to me.


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