Life winds us down the path that we fear to walk alone,
The kind that’s lined with houses but not a single home.

A risky sort of gamble where our fate is the prize,
intertwined by greed and evil, twisted in with lies.

Not sure of the purpose but hoping soon to know.
To afraid to ask yet not wanting to know.

Guilty by association and it was never right.
Live by the system and you’ll never win the fight.

The mortal and the demons cannot be drawn apart
For the purest evil of all comes from within the human heart.

Lacking in ambition we eat away our minds.
In all this THC and LSD have we been left behind?

What is worse? The fear of not getting through the life we’re in
Or the fear of not knowing what it will be like in the end?

I’m so thankful for the numbness that all my pain did bring.
At least that way I know that I still can feel something.

Life can be mischievous but it always gets you in the end,
Of all the pondered questions the biggest one is when.

So we will waste away what’s left and watch the lights get dimmer.
Although we’ll cross the finish line we never will be winners.

Life is longs and today is just a waste of time,
Perhaps tomorrow we can give it another try.

But as I watch it pass me by while they sit back and judge,
the one thing I have learned is loneliness is the perfect drug.


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