Empty Promises

I don’t know what is true anymore,
a man storms through my door.

So many lies fill my head,
I still remember what he said.

His raspy voice,
itching my brain,
wanting out!

He was evil . . .
with no doubt.

He tore me open,
looked inside
and i wondered . . .
was it too late to hide?

Would he knowall my secrets,
my memories,
my fears?

Or was it just a sick game,
to put me in tears?
I feel stuck in this nightmare,
not even cared to be set free.

Trapped behind bars of empty promises,
I scream and scream!
I’m not crazy!

Please, someone get this demon out of me!
I’m no longer in control of what I do.
I lay here with a broken heart,
because of you.

A gash in my wrist,
blood on the floor,
a blade in my fist
and still you want more?!

The wind blows some goodbyes away,

but it didn’t that day…
If you saw what she did,
then you’d understand…

Touching the breeze relieves some pain.
but it made it worse that day…
If you saw her face,
then you’d be frightened…

See the way she cries?
Secrets lie somewhere in between,
death and that tragedy…
Just don’t dig them up!

Leave those memories buried…

The mourning blows feelings far away,
but it was weird that day…
If you saw how she died,
then you’d never wonder why…

Forcing it out relives some of the pain,
but it got stronger that day…
If you saw where she went,
then you wouldn’t keep on relenting…

See the way she cries?
Scandals lie somehow vacant in dirt,
jealousy and that vermin…
Just don’t devour them whole!


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