Galactic Aligment

My Oracle in this Article takes you on a journey through the days of this pivotal year, the first real “Oh God!” year of the 21st century. It will help you anticipate and understand what is really going down in current events in a year when the mollifying media forces of corporate interests try hard to steer your intelligence away from our quickening history like never before.

2012 is not a year of galactic alignment. It is a year of a great convergence, a collision between the old humanity and it status quo, its dogmas and fossilized traditions of religious and political control pitted against the rise of a new humanity that sees change as an imperative to survive and evolve a better world out of the coming planetary upheaval.

The forces of the past-oriented humanity – the humanity that does not wish to be purified – would like to distract you from responding positively and proactively to the gathering clouds of global warming and general weirdness making undeniable the reality that times now are definitely not normal and you need to do something about making real changes beyond belief.

The source of this mass-hypnotic campaign is an old aristocracy in new clothes, masquerading under new titles. They are the corporate order. They aim to disempowered people from bringing about economic and ecological reforms that go against unbridled profit through uncontrolled, unregulated exploitation of Earth’s resources and people.


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