Nations Economical Conditions

US President Barack Obama faces a political doomsday. The US government stagnates in a critical mass of political gridlock too. Time is running out in Washington DC to get America’s fiscal house in order before a deficit bomb blows.

US Congress may let the clock run out on protection agencies, health and labor laws shielding citizens from dirty water, food, air. As many as 191 nations across the world wait for 2012 to end with pollution-bated breath. Legally binding targets set by the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to reduce climate emissions that contribute to global warming will run out.

Gabriel’s Horn may blow, taking down European banks that can no longer postpone the inevitable: to either sustain or shed bankrupt member countries of the Euro Monetary Union. End times are coming to the US-Pakistani alliance with significant consequences for the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan.

NeoCons are also blowing their horns very hard and loud from the halls of Washington to Jerusalem to propagate a war with Iran over its purported nuclear weapons program, just like they successfully NeoConned America in 2002 to invade and occupy Iraq with little actionable evidence.

A string of critical mass actions make 2012 the year when corporate push comes to citizen shove on the streets of the world. The Arab Spring of 2011 will give birth to an “American Spring” in 2012.


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