If I remain in solitude
then only remains insanity

it comes only from obsession
with vanity

beauty and evil
go hand in hand

and if I’m alone
death shall be planned

I cannot be trusted
in a room alone

for then i’ll try to end my life
in my own home

I was never insane
it happened so long ago

i’m sinking now
before I was afloat

I’m wrecked
a mess
it’s not even my fault

my heart and thoughts
are locked in a vault

I want to scream at the world
but innocence masks it

so all i do is wait for my casket

take anger out on myself

with repeated tears

and my worst fear

is not the world

is myself

i’m more worried

that i’ll kill myself

then raging from madness

what happened?

why am i like this?


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