The Mayan “galactic alignment”

In addition, the Mayan “galactic alignment” has already happened, making 2012 not the “end all” year, but certainly another significant stepping stone in times beyond end time on the path of History’s quickening pace.

That exact alignment took place 13 years ago! The Maya may have been good without computers but modern science and calculations made at Jet Propulsion Laboratory have shown the exact galactic line up took place sometime between the winter solstices of 1998 and 1999!

The prediction that 1999 was the pivotal year when history would begin its apocalyptic inclination towards a new cycle of centuries, a new age.

To be fair, Mayan prophecy of end times told rightly or wrongly has achieved a critical mass of popular attention and for better or worse my new book of prophecies will chronicle that 2012 has become an end time of sorts, because we have imposed significant deadlines upon it.


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