The War Iran-USA

Will there be a military crisis when the navies of the United States and Iran play chicken in the most narrow and crowded oil shipping lanes of the world in 2012?

Nostradamus’ visions are filled with descriptions of fleets being melted and sunk in the “Arabian Gulf” (the name people of his time gave to what we call the oil rich hotbed of the Persian Gulf). He describes the fate of those along the northern coast of the Strait of Hormuz, named outright in his prophecies written over 450 years ago, from where Iranian vessels are based.

One fleet foundering in the Arabian Gulf is that of the “true serpent”. “The Trident” melts the other. Is he trying to describe the “smooth and alien shape” of what he calls in his prophecies an “iron fish” – a future US Trident submarine? Or, is he cryptically describing a trident symbol hidden in the abstract shape of a red rose of the martyr centered in the white stripe of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary tricolor national flag?

Could the “true serpent” be a 16th-century man’s attempt to explain the US Navy Jack, the flag flown by the US Fifth Fleet on station patrolling the Persian Gulf that displays a rattlesnake over a field of thirteen white and red stripes, under which is written the American Revolutionary motto “Don’t Tread on Me”?

I collected all of Nostradamus’ references to a future war with Iran in early 2007. Given the rising tensions and brinkmanship of US and Iranian navies in the Strait of Hormuz, it might be good to re-examine my interpretations especially as Nostradamus clearly dates the window for a war in those waters which, if it happens will directly impact your lives.




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