Walking with Strangers

Little girl, little girl walking down the path,
No need to be sad.

Little girl, little girl is stopped by a much older man,
“You want some candy little girl?
It’s over there,
in the back of my van.”

She tilts her head to the side,
“No I don’t really want candy”
she said and she smiled,
her little smile wide.

“Oh but I need help finding my lost pet,
it was over there in that alley way–
Can you at least help me find that?”

“Well I suppose I can.”
Little girl, little girl smiles
and takes the older man’s hand.

Into the alley way,
they walked
step in step–
Little girl, little girl
just made a choice that she would soon regret.

“Didn’t your mommy and daddy
tell you not to
talk to strangers? Didn’t they tell you
that it’s a great danger?”

Little girl, little girl shakes her head
“No not my mommy and daddy–
Daddy yells and can be very mean.
But mommy said that I’m pretty,
and that should be seen.”

“Oh little girl, little girl–
you are quite a doll.
And if you don’t mind,
I wouldn’t mine saving you from
your mean parents, no not at all.”

Little girl squeaked with glee
“You’ll take me away from them,
you’re going to save me?”

“Oh yes little girl,
I promise to take you away.
All you have to do is,
well– whatever I say.”

Little girl, little girl
following the man.
Little girl, little girl
getting in his van.

“What about your pet?
Don’t you want to find it,
I mean that is what you said.”

“It can wait, it doesn’t matter–
I just want to show you a game,
doesn’t that sound much better?”

“A game?
Sure what kind of game mister?
Is it shoots & ladders, monolopy
or twister?”

“Oh no little girl,
this is a very special game
a game that only special
little girls get to play.”

Little girl, little girl
you made the wrong move.
This man tells lies,
do not believe anything
he tells you as the truth.

Little girl, little girl
brought back to the
man’s house.
Little girl, little girl
going to play a game of
cat & mouse.

Little girl, little girl
does what the man says.
She is now sitting on the couch,
wearing a short little dress.

“Such a pretty little girl,
your mother was right–
You are a sight to see,
your looks are out of sight.”

“Thank you mister,
but can we play a game now?
You said it was going to be a special kind of game?
And I want to know the rules of the game, right now.”

“Alright sweetheart,
don’t worry– And don’t fret.
This is how the game goes,
you just lay back and relax.”

Little girl, little girl
lays down like the man says.
Little girl, little girl
is being held down by the man’s hands.

Little girl, little girl
her dress is ripped off.
Little girl, little girl
the man is now on top of.

This little girl,
this little girl–
She’s not a little girl,
well she’s not anymore.

Little broken doll,
little broken doll.
Ripped open
and dead on the floor.

Many years have passed,
a little girl died.
Broken doll emerged,
and for us she lives a lie.

Broken doll, broken doll
walking down the street.
Still wears clothes too revealing
and acts too obscene.

Couple of boys step in front of her,
ask her is she wants to hang.
They’re drunk, it’s dark out
if she turns them down,
they’ll tell everyone that she’s lame.

“Sure I don’t mind”
she says and walks with
them down the alley way.

Never changed,
still walking away with strangers.
Forgetting all the dangers,
of the little girl
she was when she was taken
and raped by a much older man,
the one whom sealed her fate,
murdering her soul with his furtive hand.

Broken doll, broken doll,
beware of the dangers.
broken doll, broken doll,
please don’t go walking with strangers.


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