When she felt her and GOD is one

What the fuck was the first thing that I said;
What the hell was going thru his head.
To do something so damn sick;
The things that he did with his dick.

They found that he planed it all;
From all of the numbers that he would call.
All of his victims that he needed;
To take their innocence and be seeded.

It started with facebook ;then to my space;
Made his profile: such a young boy face.
Posted how it was high school;
Talking about things that seemed so cool.

He baited them in with his comforting  words;
This was his plan that he was working towards.
He would make a lot of friends online;
Soon he will befriend them; just a matter of time.

He influenced and baited them with hopes of going to the mall;
They never that this will be their last call.
He told her where to meet; behind the food court;
She was running late; his temper getting short.

She called for his name to see if he was there;
Their was a not a sound she heard in the air.
He slithered as he made his way to her;
Getting closer his lust was begging to stir.

He surrounded her mouth, and muffled her cries;
The fear in her made tears roll out her eyes.
He dragged her back into the darkness;
He never had a clue that not a child, but a miss.

Once out of light; into the dark;
This is where he was going to make his mark.
Overpowering her; forcing her to the ground;
No one around to hear her screaming sound.
Having one hand loose from his grasp;
This battle was not going to last.

She was well armed with her weapon of choice;
This is when he heard her voice.
Let me go as she cried out to him;
Not knowing this is a fight he is not going to win.
She too was going to be a taker this night;
She was leading him to think he is winning this fight.

She said ” I will let you have me; just don’t make it hurt”;
He replied” yes, just lift up your skirt.
She did as he wanted;
Wiggling her ass as she taunted.

He pulled down her panties; licking her as he went;
Letting him think he was ready for this event.
She moaned as his tongue touch her rear;
This will be the beginning of his fear.

She leaned down and grabbed her mace;
Spraying it between her legs; painting his face.
Blinded by her force of passion for his death;
He is not knowing he will be grasping   soon for his last breath.
As he laid there crying like a injured dog;
She stuffed her panties in his mouth like some cooked up hog.

Reaching for purse to grab her knife;
Soon she will take his life.
She cut his pants wide open to expose his tool he used on many kids;
He is now screaming he will do as she bids.

Shut the fuck up comes from her lips;
As she rest just below his hips.
In just a second of time she did her little trick;
With just one motion cut off his dick.

As she gets up from playing her part;
Sinking the knife deep into his heart.
He will never again do what he has done;
For she had to kill her only son.

The moral of the story is; these men are out on the net everyday;
Using little girls as their pray;

We can  kill out of compassion when we must;
Even when it’s are very own that we no longer trust.
God and her she felt as one;
For both have freed their only son.


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