FROM THE HEART OF LOVE *~* Taking a Quantum Leap in Love

Are you ready for a quantum leap in love? Let’s imagine it together.

First of all, begin with a new and higher view of yourself. Ultimate love calls you to accept your bigger self — your Highest Self. Beyond the negative self judgments, comparisons and fears, imagine yourself outside of this, in a quantum space of unlimited beauty and potential. How does that feel? Do you sense the quantum freedom of expression and self acceptance?

Dare to dream of something so wonderful for yourself.

Without asking how, just bask in this place for now. Allow yourself to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the range of what could possibly occur in such a place. Feel the energy. Take it in. Familiarize yourself with the inner peace and lack of boundaries, and how big this wonderful place could be for you. Stay here as we proceed to think through this vast love leap for you.

Tune in to this quantum place in love where you are safe to explore and ask yourself, “What is my life really about?” and “What is calling me higher?” Get in touch with your passions. Tune in to your heart and listen deeply to the music your soul longs to play through you. What is your note to play that no one else can sound but you? Start humming your note.

As you begin to identify yourself in such broad terms, higher than your problems and worries, and as you continue to feel the power of rising to your calling and Highest Self, you will find yourself gathering information that you couldn’t access before this expansion of possibilities within your thinking. This information is sacred and will guide you. Trust it.

There is a hidden Soul Self within you, a self that is incredibly powerful to make a difference, and a self that is called into service to make a better world. Without judging that self or those deeply seated passions, listen even more deeply to learn more about your place on Earth and in the universe. Listen for some simple steps you may be able to take even now.

This new way of identifying yourself as grand and magnificent, operating in an unlimited realm of possibilities, is the quantum leap in love you have been wanting all your life. It is the ticket to your life expansion and fulfillment. Without dreaming of these larger places and identifying with them, you are unlikely to access them.

So dare to allow yourself to keep dreaming without restrictions. Move outside your worn-out paradigms of barriers, fears, and limitations. Just how much good do you carry for the world? Do you dare to access this information?

A recent new book, “The Secret”, is sweeping the country. Its concept is an ancient one of the law of attraction. It’s been invisibly working for people through the centuries. Now, the secret is out of the bag.
With so many millions of people now contemplating this ancient law of attraction, now is the time to apply it in order to realize a life full of love. In fact, you can experience all the love you deserve. Love is infinite! Take the quantum leap!

Think of the ultimate love experience. It would be where you are totally accepted — where you fit in, feel adored, cherished, and where this love would not have to be won, but that it was a gift. It would be given to you unconditionally. And think of yourself where you were able to give this gift of unconditional love to everyone else as well.

You would see yourself and everyone else already qualified to receive this beautiful gift of love. This is love, without judgment, without condition. In order to sustain such quantum love, it comes with quantum forgiveness as well. Imagine yourself carrying a heart so full of love and forgiveness where you live in this place of flowing, quantum love!

Such love would forever end all loneliness. There would be no more grudges or pay backs. All would be forgiven. Love would be spoken from the heart, opening hearts wider and wider with healing words of care, joy, compassion, and understanding of yourself and others. Love would reign! Honor and respect would be normal for everyone all the time. Hearts would be on fire to love you, and you to love them back!

Is this a fairy land? No. Though you may think of quantum love as being far away, it is actually no further than your decision to take the leap into greater love. You can live in this place without asking permission of anyone and without even needing time to grow into it. Just decide today that you want this Big Love and take the leap. This is love’s big secret. Now you know. Welcome to the heart of Love.


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