*~*Unexpected Expectations*~*

A memory is a fantastic element in life. Memories of childhood, memories of those fun filled days with no worry or want, memories of growing up, both good and the not so good ones..remembering your old grandparents, your school and the friends you made at school..memories of your first love, the first kiss.. all of which we gladly safely ensconce into the warp that is time.
Sometimes you have memories of someone who has long passed and sometimes you do have memories of someone who has long moved on..
I’ve almost always never looked back at life, for me its always the dogged push into moving out, making it big in life, following my dreams..but sometimes I think I’ve lost out on my memories..so many of my remembrances are simply fading away, the other day my kid brother fished out an email from me that I wrote to him just five years ago, life was so different just then and life is still so different now..
As human beings we only remember occurrences that we can relate to as part of our senses, a smell, a perfume that reminds you of a lady love, a tune that reminds you of time back when you were an acne-face teenager, the taste of food you haven’t tasted in ages reminds you of a time when you were travelling down the rural countryside..a book that reminds you of the time you read something you weren’t supposed to read about..
When I look at myself 10 years ago, I look at someone who has the look of uncertainty and concern on his face..when I look at myself now, I look at someone who outwardly is cockily confident but inwardly plans and plots to ward of all his insecurities and uncertainty again..
So what has changed, what do I remember of my life 10 years ago, zilch..all I remember are the highs and lows..so there was this huge deal that happened in my life that I’ve all but lost to time and I’ll never get it back again..

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