Global Social Media Intelligence

It sounds so easy at first: start by listening.

But the market is crowded with companies selling social media tools. Which approach is right? How do you decide among monitoring, measurement, analytics, research, and intelligence? How do you use them effectively? How can you even think with so many competing sales pitches?

We can help.

Independent advice, global view

We help clients plan and implement intelligence and analytics capabilities based on social media and other sources. Our independent research helps us maintain the market awareness to match your needs to the best available technology and research services, and our original thinking inspires new applications that aren’t in anybody’s Social Media 101 presentation.

With decades of combined experience in technology, business management, government, and major consulting firms, our team brings substantial depth to your project. With our global network of partners and suppliers, we can put together the right pieces for a complete solution to your needs.

We’re driven by the realization that there’s more value in the available data, if we expose it to the right combination of technologies and techniques.

Intelligence and analytics strategy

We help companies develop the value of the information in social media and other sources, from initial planning and vendor selection to deployment and evaluation of the results. If you’re not sure how to turn generic advice on social media “listening” into action, call us.

How we can help:

  • Strategy development
  • Analytics & intelligence playbooks
  • Executive briefings & training workshops
  • Vendor selection
  • Custom analytics systems

Services for vendors

Social Target provides strategy consulting services to vendors and investors in the industry with simple ground rules. We do not take sides in the industry and do not enter agreements that give us a financial stake in clients’ purchase decisions.

Past projects include:

  • Product/strategy review
  • Technology and international partner recommendations
  • Market-entry strategy for complementary technologies
  • Merger and acquisition advisory
  • Speaking engagements

We maintain our neutrality in the market through good relationships with many directly competitive vendors. Because of our access to confidential information, we do not offer targeted competitor analysis.


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