Whatever’s in excess is always bad. That’s perhaps the best way to describe what has happened to the once revolutionary and advantageous state of the internet. For two decades now, people have been brought closer to each other because of the World Wide Web. Long before that, it was almost impossible to correspond with someone from the other part of the world. But now, just make a Skype account and you’re good to go.

But the fascinating features and benefits of the internet do not come very clean. In fact, the web brought with it the evils of society. Malice, abuse, exploitation, vices, and other negative faces of people are visibly obvious when you browse the web. Thus, we can actually say that it is a community which is not limited to individuals who are there to promote good. In fact, there are more bad people in it than good ones.

When it was first created, there was no sort of censorship or any form of requirement in order to use it. It is the most tangible manifestation of freedom and liberty. Everyone can do whatever they want in the internet. Because of that, it has become a tool for people who seek to exploit others in order to advance their own interests. And the most disturbing of these acts is child trafficking.

Facilitation is a very powerful ability of the internet. It can help a certain practice, business, or act to become popular and widespread in a matter of months, even weeks. So for child trafficking, it is the best tool to find clients, advertise services, as well as lure potential victims. If you don’t believe this argument, go on read these popular internet tools that either promote child trafficking or indirectly tolerates it:


This is a website that contains a centralized network of different online communities. The main feature is a free online advertisements section where people can post different advertisements to promote anything under the sun.

But for anti-trafficking advocates, it offers more than what it claims. According to them, there is a particular “Adult Services Section” that caters to the sexual needs and questions of visitors. Because of this, it basically allows pimps and traffickers alike to post and advertise their services to potential clients. In a way, this becomes a very obvious promotion of prostitution. And since there are almost no rules as to what type of advertisement is allowed, there’s a high probability of children and teens being trafficked and sold to prostitution.

Video and Photo Sharing Online

Images and videos we see in the web are not always fun and wholesome to look at. Just imagine browsing the net one day and you come upon your neighbor’s child lying naked in a room doing unusual sexual favors to an adult and everything’s on video.

Sharing of multimedia content in the internet is a very helpful tool for child traffickers and pornographers to market their victims. By passing and sending child pornographic material to potential customers, they can increase their chance for profit.

The current trend is that a website poses as an adult community where minors aren’t allowed. But if you actually dig and investigate deeper, it is more of a meeting place for people doing the business of child pornography and prostitution.

Social Networking

Many children and teens are allowed complete access to the internet. As such, they also become subjects for prostitution and pornography. Now if you are someone who wants to find a large number of potential victims, a social networking site is the perfect option.

Many pedophiles, online predators, and child traffickers establish their trade in social networking sites. They disguise themselves as a friendly person aiming to make friends with just about anyone. But in reality, they’re there to find innocent children and teens to contact with and eventually lure into the prostitution or trafficking business.

End Game

But when it comes to every kind of crime and wrongdoing, there’s always an end to it. This means that law enforcement and advocacy groups are slowly catching up with these clever, yet not perfect criminals. There will always come a time when their modus is busted and they are placed behind bars. Though it looks as if they are always a step ahead when it comes to internet technology, every game will always have an end – and such an end should put these disturbing personalities at the losing side. The biggest reason why they are hard to catch is simply because they are the first to research and use a certain new technology for exploitative purposes. But then again, there’s hasn’t been a thriving business in recent memory that has gone successful for years by exploiting other people, especially children.


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