Top tech people who dropped out of college to make it big in life


he idea of “College dropouts making it big in life” is inspirational, almost a modern day folklore to many but one of the important things that people forget is that most of these people didn’t dropout of college because of lack of money for education or because they were average/poor students. Rather they dropped out to pursue their ambitions, beliefs and dreams. This point is very important because the idea of college & high school dropouts making it big in life tends to undermine the necessity of college education and create a false impression among students. In other words, the same dropouts if they opted to stay in college would have gone on to to get good marks and complete the course successfully.

Bill Gates;

He is the founder of Microsoft the software giant and one of the world’s richest man if not the richest of all. His early life has become a kind of folk lore. After around two years into his Harvard course in 1973, he dropped out to found Microsoft which went on to become one of the biggest companies in the World. At present he is concentrating on a greater good, that of eliminating malaria and making the World a better place to live.

Mark Zuckerberg;

He is the founder of Facebook which probably needs no explanation. He dropped out in 2004 to concentrate full time of Facebook and recently he was worth $18 billion based on the latest valuation of Facebook.

Larry Page;

He is the CEO of the search engine giant Google whom he co-founded with Sergey Brin. He dropped out of Stanford University where he was doing his PhD. At the time of writing this article, his net worth is somewhere close to $20 billion.

Steve Jobs;

One exception to this list because he dropped out because of a financial strain and went on to found Apple which at the time of writing this article is the largest tech company in the world in terms of market valuations. The aura and brand that he carries is so much that even reports of his health failing makes Apple’s shares come down.

There are many more in this list, some of the most noteworthy being:

  • Michael Dell of Dell Computers
  • Jerry Yang of Yahoo
  • Larry Ellison of Oracle
  • Kevin Rose of Digg

But what is common among them is that they pursued their dreams & ambitions and what they believed in. Bill Gates’s dream was to see a computer on everyone’s desktop, something unimaginable in the days of the mammoth mainframes, but he achieved it and even more. So dream in your life and make you life a pleasant dream that come true.


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