Where Rush Actually Went Wrong

The Jaguarundi

Lost in the sacristans’ uproar about paying for other people’s condoms and abortion-inducing drugs through health insurance premiums and tax dollars is the recognition that women use birth control pills for reasons other than medically unnecessary recreation. The pills are used (often by high-school or college-age women) to regulate menstrual cycles and prevent pregnancy in the case of rape. I am far less offended about the possibility of paying into a pool that will pay for that kind of birth control. That this medical issue is missing from the debate suggests that we cannot let the Catholic Church hijack the current contraception debate and ruin the possibility of Obamacare repeal with hysterics over an obscure and medieval-sounding theological idea. (Yes, Rick Santorum, that means you need to ignore this tantalizing distraction if you hope to win over anyone who isn’t a devout Catholic.) Jason Steorts notes that we should instead emphasize…

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