rocking chairs vacant

the lone whisperer reinvents himself

standing anew

someone else

other than you

envisioning unknown realms

a crucifix painted blue

a lucky buckeye

and swirling immaculate hues


darkness has friends

spinning wild lies

cloud-faced depression

pacified with awkward tongues

too tired to pretend

breathing with angry lungs

unable to mend

memories spin


I’m him again

to my chagrin

it never ends



the windows run

our quest is done

wandering through barren wilderness

a golden beggar’s sun

lost reflections

memories of rust

spilling lies

liquid lives


parched by excess

leave nothing to trust

a shed of coal dust

a fine mess

blown into a furious gust

you’ve been blessed

redemption is a must


awakened to

a dawn of strangers

blind assumptions

repression clears

the path of doom

absent tears

consolidating madness

insanity looms

swimming in our fear

words empty

a stranger is breathing near


condensation rolls on shards of glass

a glimmer of obsession

it comes to pass

one can dream

delusional bliss

it comes fast



transcend everything

become anything


a million fragments of myself

a world on a whim

seeking solace


someone else

opening my eyes for a fallen friend

trying to be a universe again!


sneezing out coal dust

dancing around the pigpen

skipping into the apple orchard

wild-eyed strangers encircling fire

unconscious confessions

a setting so dire

uninhibited fools

naked mannequins


whispering heedless words




moonshine warming their hands

unlocking their minds

simple strands

burning lines

beneath a sky of lunacy

pretending everything is okay

screams of futility

kicking at imaginary dogs


haunts his existence

jousting at a face of bliss

a caustic wit

or a closed fist



remnants of lost worlds

pointless swirls

unexpected guile

they’re easily unfurled


shell casings

blood-stained knives

disrupted sleep

untrained eyes

evil arrives

the world is a mound

of clueless tiers

hands down

liberation hides

switching gears

reality slides

and surreal scenery goes flying by


minds are emptied into night’s reign

he’s never the same

anything but the norm





grand uncertainty

a single flame

a fragmented plane

the promise of light

demeaning names

and an underlying sacred swarm

ending the game

the eyes are cold

the water is warm



we live

we lie

we linger undone

so timorously racing

against a swollen sun


make your fate



and create


beyond us lies everything

anything more than our meager lives


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