Revolutionary New Marketing Concepts


There have always been a plethora of home-business and get rich quick schemes, if you tried to keep up on them all it would make your head swim. Recently many new programs and system’s, from gifting to leveraging being the most common buzzwords of the day, have been literally flooding the market asking you to spend x amount of money to make y amount. The main problem with these programs is the tremendous amount of money and time to see any real payout. This makes it extremely dangerous to a new or even experienced internet marketer. Time and money can usually be spent better in many other places. More often than not the only people making the money are the ones your paying it to. One person alone is not enough to post links or get referrals with out shelling out more money to outdated mail list’s or brand new marketing concepts. Face it, By the time you hear of most new ways to make money it’s after it’s been bought or sold hundreds of times.There is a tremendous amount of empty promises and broken dreams. Not to mention a lot of people that believed only to be left broke and disappointed.

New programs are emerging that have been making there members serious money with no investment except effort from the members. The method can be best be compared to communal living. They all work together towards common goals. One of the best examples of this new style of program is the circle method. They are always small sites only consisting of core groups of people that all work to the same goals and then share the generated revenue just like a small community. Just like old communes. They are usually always sites consisting of really decent everyman type people. Since these types of clubs are monetarily free they attract people who have been ripped off before and want to try new concepts in free stuff. These programs do work to make money but also create strong small communities of the active members due to the extreme effort and honesty involved in these programs.

There are literally hundreds of opportunities on the net actively making one person money while taking away from another. The most amazing thing about these programs is they work by helping others. It’s not a multi level anything. They function as a group dedicated to making money for all involved. Sometimes people should help each other. A little bit of good karma goes a long way. These people are taking it to the next level.


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