Try These Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit manager or marketer, you have to work on increasing funds and visibilities with many more constraints that exists in virtually every other industry. Marketing a nonprofit involves categories ranging from fundraising to public relations to promotion. Try some of these strategies to improve that can improve your non-profit’s marketing.

1. Promote results of your non-profit (or those you seek) when you advertise, not just your mission

If your non-profit has an existing program that is successful or one that you think will be successful, use that a tool to promote your non-profit. Your donors want to that their donations are going to fulfill the mission of the non-profit. Your advertising should do what it can to promote positive end results along with promoting what your nonprofit does on a daily basis.

2. Easy and inexpensive ways to find large donors

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to find large donors nowadays. As someone who worked in education, many non-profits donate to educational institutions with large donations. Some of these foundations may also choose to donate to non-profits whose mission is similar or exact to yours. If they donate to a public university, that information is made public record on many occasions.

A second way to find large donors is to scour state lottery websites. In most states, jackpot claimant’s information becomes public records. Most lotteries publish press releases that makes the information public. A recent lottery winner may want to benevolent with their money, especially since they have come into a large windfall.

3. Use the press to get information out to potential donors and volunteers

Even though there is more fragmentation in the media over the last few years, that does not mean that the media has lost its way in disseminating information. Press release wires such as PRWeb and PR Newswire can spread information that is followed by those who will get information out as their way to make money. These services are inexpensive comparable to the visibility that it can create, especially for startup non-profits

4. Quantify as much information about your non-profit as you can

In my experience working with nonprofits, large donors are usually good with numbers. If your organization does not quantify its results, your nonprofit will not succeed in today’s age. Even though nonprofits must be financially transparent, it is important to have a way to measure other concerns, especially marketing issues.

With digital marketing becoming a larger and more visible marketing channel, there are tools that are easy-to-use and will make it easier to communicate. The website, Charity Navigator, specializes in helping donors evaluate nonprofits by how much they spend and compare them against similar nonprofits. Using this information helps donors and nonprofits control marketing costs while expanding visibility. If properly done, it should increase your funds and volunteers.

5. Align with corporate foundations

Corporations are choosing to start their own nonprofit foundations that are aligned with its mission and vision. If your nonprofit offers services that aligns with the product or service that a corporation, they may offer grants that will allow your nonprofit to continue both of your missions. For instance, it is commonplace that food companies such as producers and restaurants donate to nonprofits that are involved in reducing hunger.

Find corporations who can offer both money and volunteers that will satisfy their mission while satisfying yours.


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