Is Islam a religion to its followers the most violent people on earth?

Followers of Islam have not historically been the most violent people on Earth. Muslims weren’t the one who murder millions of people in death camps. just a few decades ago. Muslims didnt drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima.

In ancient Rome and Egypt, pagans committed unspeakable, state-sanctioned acts of brutality and slavery. Later, Christians did the same thing, in crusades and witch burnings. Secular states have shed lots of blood, too.

Recently, some Muslim extremists have done really scary things, and there have been some cruel, despotic Muslim regimes in Middle East. But even that, it doesn’t make sense to say “its followers are the most violent people on Earth.” The US and its allies have spilled a huge amount of blood in the last few years, and there are some really scary non-Muslim, non-US-affiliated places like North Korea.

It’s not even clear that religions cause much bloodshed. States seem to do it regularly, whether they’re religious or secular. There are people still living who experienced two world wars caused by non-Muslims.

Sometimes religion get used as a excuse or tool, but i doubt it’s the Ultimate cause. If you pressed a magic button and rid the world of religion, you wouldn’t all of a sudden achieve world peace. To do that, you’d have to also rid the world of ambition, greed, xenophobia, group-think, and limited resources.


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