I’ve just seen petty arguments of Atheists, and some Muslims and specially Muslimahs using obscene language to counter retaliate and it has really made me sad… 

So I will give you some tips about how a mind of Atheist works, and how they should be more rather pitied then be fought with. I hope you will take that as a reminder, for verily Allaah loves good manners, and this is our Manhajj, to preach and propagate and even defend Islam, with peace, love and wisdom and good exhortation.

Atheist… Hmm.. These Atheists used tags #quran   #islam  #muslims  that is why i am able to see there posts here everywhere around.. but why would a atheist make his every day life all about provoking people who believe in God? Isn’t that a primary Question?

Let’s analyse.. (smile)

Atheist trolls use religious tags and topics and give their opinions so they can deliberately generate conflict because it fills a void in their lives…. Since they are utterly powerless in the real world, their internal coping mechanisms must find some way to deal with the weight of their insignificance.

At the most fundamental level, these atheists want recognition, and so you see them uninvited giving out their opinions.

From their point of view, recognition, whether for good or bad reasons has a direct correlation with self-esteem. And  any growth of their self-esteem has an immediate impact on their sense of well-being.

Normally, this recognition would not be an issue secure people know that recognition from anonymous sources has little or no impact on their daily lives. They will continue to go to work or school, whether this recognition materializes or not.

This is not so for the ‘intellectually sophisticated’ Atheistic trolls on Google Plus because of their general lack of a sense of well-being. Since they tend to be socially retarded, they don’t know how to get recognition in the normal way. So, in short you gather some sense of accomplishment from what you perceive as the chaos they created for religious people by quoting extracts out of context of a conversation which was if presented along with its context and pretext …

So the best is to talk to them with knowledge and wisdom or merely block them, who perhaps will cry over their life, under the basement in which they’d probably live and just have merely this ‘cyberworld’ to conform happiness for their pitiable lives.


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