There is only one way out

All analysist, newsmen, or any of the speaker are unable to give a proper reply that how these problems of Pakistan can be solved, how to control the suicide bombers, how to get rid of Karachi target killings, how to overcome

The Shia Sunni conflict. 

Every one only speaks Bla Bla Bla


One Champion newsmen is advising first to deweaponise the karachi City. In 1992 the Goverment of Nawaz Sharif and The than Army Chief General Asif Nawaz started vigouresly to deweaponise Karachi City, some what they were successful because the innocent masses have no information of the nefarious motives of Asif Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif. After deweaponising Innocent people of karachi they have launched a massive ethnic clensing of Urdu speaking peoples or Mohajirs fifteen thousand mohajirs as per MQM and as per UNO 17136 proples were onslaughtered and massacared in the name of Islam and Pakistan. 


In Punjab secretariat, 80% officials are coming from Lahore and Gujrat.In sindh secretariat, 90% coming from Ranipur and Khairpur. In pakhtoonkhwah, 90% coming from Peshawar and Charsaddah. In Baluchistan secretariat is filled by a couple of tribes.

In Punjab all resources 48% are consumed in North Punjab, In Sindh 96% of resources are spent in rural Sindh In Pakhtunkhawa, and Baluchistan excluding the era of 2001 to 2008 all the way the situation is same.

Due to sale and purchase of Government Jobs which is 100% true . 24% Government Jobs are purchased and controlled by Qadianies ( source Tahreek e Khatam e Nabuat) 36% Jobs purchase and controlled by Shiites ( source Sipah e Sahaba)

If any Ruler, any Feudal Lord, or any vultures like politicians

Think with these insane mentality 

of 1860 subject rule system will prevail then He is misleading himself as well as a to the peoples of Pakistan


The problem of Pakistan can only be solved by the system adopted by India 53 Provinces population 1100 millions Turkey 81 provinces 75 Millions and Algeria 30 provinces 35 Million pakistan has a population of 190 Million so the provinces must be 125 provinces

As adopted by General Musharraf but to the ill fate of Pakistan he has not demolished these idols like eliphanti provinces.

After these provinces can run their business as per 18th Amendments. Besides there is a no way out. 














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