PEGIDA – A new Movement in Germany

I want to inform you about a new movement in Germany. It’s called PEGIDA. It’s a short form for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident [German anti-Islamic movement]. It’s like the NSDAP (Party of Adolf Hitler), but more against Muslims instead of Jews. Most of them are young, uneducated and unemployed. They are unsatisfied with their life and make every Muslim and foreigner the scapegoat for their bad situation. They are trying to scare Muslims and everyone who doesn’t look like a “German”. Until now they organize weekly demonstrations with 10 thousands of participants. They demand: Everyone who isn’t “German” should leave this country. Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to build any mosques.

They say on one side that Muslims are lazy and live from the social system by benefit, but on the other side Muslims have “stolen” their jobs…

Not everything I summarized is written in their scheme, but they repeat these points always at their demonstrations.

In the last days some Muslim women got attacked by them, but fortunately without any consequences, the women are well.

This is Racism…

#Pegida #NoPegida


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