The Economic Terrorism…!!!

Some threat analysis from the region to make you understand why fuel is getting cheaper! These are complex power games these Zionists play. Muslims just don’t understand them…
This is pure economic terrorism against Russia. US slashing oil prices to $64 from $113 in 3 months is directed to crash Russian economy. Western banks are not lending to Russia. Foreign investors are withdrawing their dollars. Oil revenues have crashed to half. This is huge!! There is a slow revolt being built against Putin, through economic crunch, crashing rubles, civil unrest & triggering depression in Russia. US plans to cut the oil prices even more, increasing catastrophic pressure on Putin. OPEC is taking losses too but they have enough money.
After failing to defeat Russian will on Syria, the US & Saudis play their ultimate Oil card against Putin. A revolt is being orchestrated. In the short term, world is enjoying the lower oil prices but in the long term, defeat of Russia would be catastrophic for global power balance. Putin will have to move fast. Ruble has crashed 30% already within weeks. A trump card needed from Putin to checkmate US, else its over.
Putin is a proud nationalist. He will not surrender. He can hit back hard to EU by choking European gas supplies in winters, unnerving Europe. It is a gamble for Putin now. He knows oil prices will go down further to almost $30. He will have to attack through gas & use his reserves. The Syrian & Ukrainian crisis have now spiraled into a full 4th Gen War war between Russia & US, where US is using soft power to break Putin.


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